On-Site Dialysis

Bainbridge now offers ON-SITE DIALYIS
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Benefits of Dialyze Direct vs Traditional Dialysis
• More frequent dialysis modality leads to less hospitalizations
Majority of patients recover from this modality of dialysis in less than 1 hour!
• Significant reduction in exposure in infections, FLU, COVID 19, etc.
More frequent dialysis enables a patient to increase daily activities!
• No brown bag lunches or missed meals
• No transportation nightmares!
Dialyze Direct modality is 5 days a week (Monday-Friday) dialysis treatments with an average 3 hours per dialysis treatment time
Less strenuous on the body and reduction/elimination of many common side effects such as cramping and metal taste
• Dialyze Direct offers the patient the ability to potentially rehab up to 5 days a week!
Typically a patient's community chair time will not go away or be taken while they are utilizing DD in-house dialysis services for up to 30 days